Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Concept Art


Entertainment Weekly’s Comic-Con issue released concept art for Harley Quinn for in the Suicide Squad, and I have to say I really like it. I’ve always been a bit of a Harley Quinn fan, (her and Joker’s history fascinates me) and I’ve dressed up as variations of her for Halloween. Once as Arkham Asylum Harley and once just as my own made up version but with classic Harley undertones. So I feel a little protective of her and her image. Overall I like the Suicide Squad version of her. My only negative is the booty “shorts”. They’re not shorts. I think representation is important for women in movies and of course not every female character will necessarily be a positive role model. However, do they all need to be clearly objectified? Yeah classic Harley wasn’t exactly designed as a nun and it’s not really a realistic costume for your everyday psychopath but I hope they make some sort of nod to it in the movie.

Moving on from my feminazi rants, I truly prefer the concept art versions. Costume designer Kate Hawley says she was inspired by Courtney Love and I definitely see it on the left version. Although maybe the make up was maybe a bit too similar to The Dark Knight’s Joker. I love the right version so much it hurts. Yeah, some may say she’s just as naked as the current movie version with a bare midriff, but to me she looks like a killer roller derby chick rather than a crazy hot chick who lost her pants.Image result for harley quinn suicide squad


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