Black Mirror

I just discovered this tv show that is by no means new (originally aired in 2011). Its an anthology series that has a different setting, story, cast and even a different reality every episode. Each episode takes place in either an alternate reality or a hint in the future. I believe they do this to show what could become of society if certain technology were available or if things in the past had gone a different way. It’s hard to talk about because some of the episodes have fantastic twists at the end and I don’t want to spoil them. I can only say, go watch that shit. I can vaguely compare it to the Twilight Zone and nothing else I’ve ever seen.  There are currently only two seasons (three episodes each) and a special available on Netflix, but Netflix has ordered a new season which will have a total of 6 episodes. Since there’s no continuity I recommend to start by the episode titled “White Bear” from season two. The first episode of the first season may be a little off putting to some as it is quite disturbing. I started with “White Bear” and felt the need to watch the rest of them instantly. So yeah, if you feel like a change from the normal average tv show, give Black Mirror a try and be prepared to get your mind blown*.

(*exaggeration for emphasis, your mind will not explode)


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