The DC Movie Dilemma

The Suicide Squad has opened to an expected huge opening weekend. It is getting thrashed by critics! Stories of chaos behind the scenes continues to plague the DC movies. What can be done?! It appears that the Warner Brothers brass needs to stop meddling and micromanaging these movies. Just let the directors direct and editors edit! It has become obvious that there is no cohesion in these movies, because there is non behind the scenes. The recent promotion of Geoff Johns may be a step in the right direction. He may act as an overseer of the universe much like Kevin feige has over at Marvel Studios. Things need to change now! This universe will not survive many more disfunctional productions. It is only still alive because of the strong hardcore dedicated fan base. But if they can’t add to that its game over! The Geoff Johns era starts with Wonder Women, but even that film was already conceived years ago and in the slow moving world of the movie industry only so much can be changed once the ball is rolling. The studios reaction to the reception of Batman vs Superman may have lead to a worse suicide squad movie. Anytime there are too many cooks in the kitchen a movie suffers. A movie always is at its best with a unified voice and vision. Don’t get me wrong. I want good DC movies! Batman and his rogue gallery is may favorite thing in comics. They deserve better! I know these characters so I understand their motivations. That can’t be an assumption for the rest of the public. I do think that the solo movies will be better about this because they won’t be overstuffed with too many characters. Wonder Woman looks amazing! I hope it actually is!


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