What the Hell!! The Walking Dead S7 Premiere!!😭😭😭. (Spoilers)

Just finished watching the agonizing Walking Dead premiere. Why do we do this to ourselves. Was that enjoyable??! This show needs to warn for triggers, because that was brutal. But is it great writing or cheap manipulation?

I was sad but smug when Abraham took Lucille to the crown of the skull. I had kept telling friends he was the character that was going to go. He was a total bad-ass showing no quit in front of Neagan. We as viewers had got to know him just long enough to care. Then Glenn’s skull was also mashed to bits. That moment also was not sudden as our emotions were dragged and destroyed. It sucks that Glenn didn’t get that bad ass or heroic death scene. His vulnerability and weakness there on his knees after the first swing to the face was really upsetting. Him having obvious brain damage and not being able to function had me wanting him to be taken out of his misery. That was the hardest scene to watch on tv that I can remember.

What also sucks about Glenn dying this episode, is how it will dominate the conversation(obviously) over the death of Abraham. Abraham had that awesome moment of telling Neagan to “Suck my nuts”. That was BADASS! He will be missed.

This episode was an event! There is no doubt it will be discussed at nauseam with friends throughout the week. Can the show keep it going? I don’t know…. I am a little worried. The show has tried to get us to care more about the newer characters from the last few seasons. But I just don’t. The core that is left is Rick, Carl, Maggie, Daryl, Machonne, and Carol. Anyone else just doesn’t seem as important. Neagan having know killed two of our heroes is now hated more than any other villain on The Walking Dead. The show is in need of some new blood, some developed and interesting blood.

These are my quick rambling thoughts. I want to hear from you! What did you think?



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