What the Hell!! The Walking Dead S7 Premiere!!😭😭😭. (Spoilers)

Just finished watching the agonizing Walking Dead premiere. Why do we do this to ourselves. Was that enjoyable??! This show needs to warn for triggers, because that was brutal. But is it great writing or cheap manipulation? I was sad but smug when Abraham took Lucille to the crown of the skull. I had kept telling friends he was the character that was going to … Continue reading What the Hell!! The Walking Dead S7 Premiere!!😭😭😭. (Spoilers)

The DC Movie Dilemma

The Suicide Squad has opened to an expected huge opening weekend. It is getting thrashed by critics! Stories of chaos behind the scenes continues to plague the DC movies. What can be done?! It appears that the Warner Brothers brass needs to stop meddling and micromanaging these movies. Just let the directors direct and editors edit! It has become obvious that there is no cohesion … Continue reading The DC Movie Dilemma