The DC Movie Dilemma

The Suicide Squad has opened to an expected huge opening weekend. It is getting thrashed by critics! Stories of chaos behind the scenes continues to plague the DC movies. What can be done?! It appears that the Warner Brothers brass needs to stop meddling and micromanaging these movies. Just let the directors direct and editors edit! It has become obvious that there is no cohesion … Continue reading The DC Movie Dilemma

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Concept Art

Entertainment Weekly’s Comic-Con issue released concept art for Harley Quinn for in the Suicide Squad, and I have to say I really like it. I’ve always been a bit of a Harley Quinn fan, (her and Joker’s history fascinates me) and I’ve dressed up as variations of her for Halloween. Once as Arkham Asylum Harley and once just as my own made up version but … Continue reading Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Concept Art