I was slightly late to the Sherlock fandom. I was watching the Star Trek movie and thought, the guy playing Khan is really good! A few days later my brother MADE me watch the first episode of Sherlock stating that it had the guy from Star Trek in it. Within minutes I was hooked and after the first episode I was ready to call it my favorite show. It didn’t take me long to watch all three episodes in the first season and luckily for me the second season was coming out soon. After the second season I waited patiently for the next season, and waited, and waited, and waited. I couldn’t handle it. I became one of those crazy tumblr people because there was no more original content, and I had to stress my woes with other people. That’s when I discovered what being in a fandom was like. Before this I only experienced this slightly at comic con or other places where people group together to discuss certain topics, but on the internet these other people who had the same obsessions were easily accessible. I wasn’t alone in my craziness!! Other people were just as crazy if not more so than me and it was great. There was fan art and fanfiction and just random funny content. I finally found where my people were. So as I continue to wait what feels like an eternity, keep entertaining me internet, there’s plenty of things for me to obsess about.

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